Fern Creek is back… to build community around food…

apple blossoms

Apple blossoms

After a Very Long Hiatus (we kinda took a sabbatical last year), we are ready to re-engage our community around Good Food.

The dogwood trees, strawberries, and apple trees are blooming, and the heat of today felt like July, especially when a breeze invited me to sit still on a bench in the shade for a minute to savor it. Mark and I had a great year off (although it was only kinda a year off), confirming that a) we love working outside and growing food and b) we value having time to do things besides work outside!

So, we’ve officially transitioned to a Fruit CSA, mostly U-Pick. We’re still using a CSA model because we are too small to open to the public. Our subscription spots are taken for the year, but if you are local and want to inquire about available fruit, feel free to contact me and I’ll let you know how the fields are looking after our members have a chance to pick what they want.

Our personal garden is ridiculously large and extras like peas, kale, tomatoes, and beans will be available to purchase by the pound (though I may get motivated to make crates available). Produce will be in the Market on picking days.

rhubarbRhubarb is ready for its first cutting and will be available next week. The plants are verdant  and the stalks  a lovely shade of deep red. We’ll be selling bundles or bags of stalks for $3.50/pound. CSA members, let me know if, and how many pounds you want. Other local rhubarb lovers can let me know if you want some as well; you will be welcome to purchase whatever our members don’t claim.

rhubarbWe’ll be cutting rhubarb every two weeks through June, so if you don’t want it now or don’t have a chance to get it (first come first served) you’ll have other opportunities. That said, the early rhubarb is the most beautiful.

We also have potted plants for sale. Some have been potted already, and others will be dug up and potted upon request. They are priced  according to size of container, and most of the containers are 1/2 gallon ($5) or pints ($3). Some ornamental grasses are in gallon containers and are $8.

Below is what’s available. If there are plants you want me to set aside for you let me know. Otherwise, you can look them over when you come get rhubarb.

We’re looking forward to getting the season underway and having a chance to engage with you when you come out to Fern Creek for fruit!

Your farmers,

Lisa and Mark

Fern Creek Potted Plant Sale
Herbs: (in pint and 1/2 gallon containers)



Flowers: (in pint and 1/2 gallon containers)

Pink Cone Flowers

Pink Cone Flowers

Hens and Chicks
Pink Cone Flower
Blue Lupine



Ornamental Grasses:

Golden Hair...

Golden Hair Ornamental Grass (my name…)

Crazy Green Ornamental Grass (my name...)

Crazy Green Ornamental Grass (my name…)


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