Fern Creek CSA–Week 22

newsletter with photoThis weekend Mark worked at cleaning up the Marionberry and blackberry vines and mulched the rhubarb with yellow leaves he raked from under the birch tree. He took out the Asian pear tree, and cleaned up a downed tree from last weekend’s storm. Meanwhile I cleared some of the beds in the Hazelnut Patch and spread fetch, rye, and clover as a cover crop, planted 80 new tulip bulbs, and split clusters and replanted a couple hundred daffodil bulbs. We love this autumn time work. The hens like it, too. Since the bulb planting was near the fence, they came over hoping I’d toss them worms unearthed in the process. Instead I gave the worms an extra day to churn and turn and live out their beneath-the-surface lives, feeling grateful for the work they do.  leaves

So much preparation for life-not-yet-conceived goes on this time of year. We see it and smell it as we work the rich dark soil in the beds of Fern Creek. Leaves, stalks, and plants are consumed by fungi, worms, and other microbial life, replenishing the soil even as it rests.

The final week of the CSA comes suddenly in the midst of these fall tasks. This year the end feels a bit more poignant given the sabbatical we *plan* to take next year. So thank you again, Fern Creek members, for hiring us to be your farmers this season. Thank you also for your patience with Emma, who got better at not jumping and nipping as the season progressed. Many of you noted that she got a lot bigger, too–she grew from the 12 pound pup we brought home to 45 pounds in four months.

Emma at 6 months

Emma at 6 months


Emma at 10 weeks

We look forward to seeing those of you who come pick up off-season crates (information about the first one will be in early November), and hope to see a good number of you in our New Jam U-Pick fields next season. We’ll send out an initial email about that next spring.

May the remainder of your fall fill your hearts with gratitude as it will ours.


Anticipated in the Market

Choice of Kuri, Baby Blue Hubbard, New England Pie Pumpkin or Spaghetti Squash
Choice of Delicata, Acorn, Butternut, or Black Futzu Squash

Assorted Winter Squash

Assorted Winter Squash

Nante Carrots
Choice of Red or Green Cabbage
Kale (Dinosaur, Red Russian & Meadowlark)
Summer Squash or Zucchini
Cortland Onions
Cippolini Onions
Green Peppers (and Red and Yellow)
Jimmy Nardello Sweet Peppers
Jalapeno, Serrano, and Cayenne Peppers
Herb Bundles

Pick Two

Small winter squash
Popping Corn

Final Recipe

In celebration (still!) of winter squash, I’m linking to some of my fall favorites. Tonight as I wrote this up I baked up a batch of pumpkin granola (making a few substitutions and omitting the egg whites), and these Double Chocolate Butternut (Winter Squash) Brownies are on the docket for this week…


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