Fern Creek CSA–Week 4

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The Summer Solstice

Summer officially starts on Monday at 5 p.m. This year the Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year) coincides with the rising of a full moon, which is the first time this has happened in 70 years.

Take note and find a way to say farewell to spring and hello to summer.


The arrival of a pup is the big news at Fern Creek this week. Mark and I enthusiastically welcome Emma to the Fern Creek family, even knowing a pup can be a lot of work. So far, though, for a pup she’s made it pretty easy on us.



Her brief story: in April she was born (on a farm in Washington) to a Labrador mama and a Labrador/German Shepherd papa and had 10 brothers and sisters. She’s been around children of various ages since birth, and what with all those puppy siblings and children, has been well socialized. When we went to meet the two pups left in the litter we had a hard time deciding between them, and felt the hard sadness of what we were doing to both of these pups, who had been separated from their mama for a week by then, and had daily seen their siblings taken away. I wrestle with this thing we do so easily, and maybe because pups quickly adapt and adopt a new tribe, the sorrow of separation feel less awful. She cried some on the way home, even as she nestled her face into the crook of my elbow while Mark drove. She cried some the first night, too, but has slept well since.

emmawalkEmma sweetly greeted CSA members, friends, and family last week and we began some early training. She already knows the clicker means a reward is coming, and will sit before being fed and whenever she sees the clicker (so long as she is hungry!). She’s very sweet tempered. We tell her we expect her to be harvesting zucchini by mid-season and hauling pumpkins out of the field by the fall and she wags her tail in response. Meanwhile, she keeps us company in the fields so long as she stays off the low tunnel row covers, which are a bit hard to resist at this point. Eventually though, she plops down where ever she is to nap. She is, after all, just 9 weeks old.emma yawn

Feel free to welcome her or not when you come pick up your crates. We want her to get used to people coming and going at Fern Creek–especially you all!


New Jam U-Pick News

We’ve added a couple of spots to the New Jam U-Pick schedule for raspberries and blackberries. Check out the updated schedule here.


New from the Field
Thursday folks  saw these in the Pick 2 shelf last week, and Monday people will see them this week. Gooseberries are making a comeback as a sought-after fruit, and are mostly used in jams, tarts, and puddings, but also in sauces for meats, or chopped into salads, or eaten just as they are. They are a tart berry with a grape-like consistency and like EVERYTHING we grow at Fern Creek, they are very good for you. One source I read said they have properties that fight help prevent cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases. As I’m not  sure how something can prevent aging unless it kills you, this was not altogether comforting! Rest assured though, that they have all kinds of goodness wrapped into them! Experiment with them now if you are inclined–as this will be the only week you see them in the Market.

The early blooming lavender in The Market this week will be your first spray of it; the next one comes in July. Lavender has been used medicinally for centuries, primarily for its relaxing and healing properties. Use this as a simple bouquet, dry it for use in sachets, or make an infusion of lavender for lemonade, or cook with it in shortbread cookies or biscotti. A little bit of lavender goes a long way, so if you’ve not cooked with it before, start with the lower amounts. Here’s my Lavender Orange Biscotti recipe; linking to it makes me want to put a batch together!



Anticipated in the Marketpotatoes

Puget Summer Strawberries
Cascade Delight Raspberries
Marionberries & Blackberries
Baby Red Potatoes
Salvius Romaine & Lovelock Lettuce
Red Ursa, Lacinto, & Curly Kale
Collards or Chard
Snow & Snap Peas
Spring Onions

Pick Two
Bilko (Napa) Cabbage
Icycle Radish
Mesclun Mix
Baby Carrot bundles
Extra Greens


Recipe of the Week

Good food and good recipes.

Good food and good recipes.

Garlic Red Potato Salad

This summer salad that be served as a main dish or a side dish. The recipe comes from Simply in Season


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