Fern Creek CSA–Week 15

newsletter with photoAs the vines and leaves break down to feed the soil, a variety of pumpkins and winter squash pepper the fields like lumps of color dropped from the sky. They are the offspring of sun, soil, seed, and water–fundamental elements of earth that sustain us all. Our sustaining grace found in these gifts of creation.

The pumpkin in the Market was, in fact, a Cinderella pumpkin (more of you guessed that than any other choice). The Cinderella pumpkin is a French heirloom also called, ‘Rouge Vif d’Etampes’. The top is flattened a bit and ridged, and it’s not hard to see how its color and shape could have inspired Charles Perrault to write our version (that is, the French version) of the classic Cinderella fairytale in the the 17th century.

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella pumpkins are eatable–and especially great in pies. You’ll have a variety of pumpkins to choose from later in the season.

This year the annual Fall Potluck is being combined with an outdoor concert at Fern Creek with the ensemble, En Power & Light. It’ll happen Friday, September 11.

Dinner at 6 p.m., concert begins at 7. Sign-up for food will be in the Market starting this week.   


Anticipated in the Market

Delicata Squash
Bi-Color Sweet Corn
Kale (Dinosaur, Red Russian & Meadowlark)
Buttercrunch and Romaine Lettuce
Zucchini Squash & Summer Squash
Tromboncino, Patty Pan, Tatume
Red Cippolini Onions
Walla Walla Onions
Marketmore and English Cucumbers
Red Ace and Chioggia Beets
Honey Crisp Apples
Yukon Gem Potatoes
Copia, Beefsteak, & Rose de Berne Tomatoes
Baby Cakes, Armarillo & Snow White Tomatoes
Braising Greens
Variety of Green Beans
Black Beauty Eggplant
Assorted Peppers
Red Express & Green Cabbage
Sage & Mint


New in the Market

Delicata Squash: Starting this week we will have winter squash every week–and for a while a different variety, culminating in yourpumpkin at the end of the season. You’ll see some you likely recognize (Acorn and Butternut), and a few you likely don’t, like Delicata, Red Kuri, and Blue Hubbard. We also have Spaghetti squash and sweet Pumpkins for baking and other unusual pumpkins (like Cinderella and Red Warty Pumpkins), which are good for decorating and eating).

Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash

Delicata is an heirloom squash with bright yellow meat and a flavor similar to acorn squash. Unlike all other winter squashes, the skin is tender enough to eat. Most often I slice it into rounds, (which are beautiful flower shapes), remove the seeds, and roast the slices with other vegetables. Enjoy this teaser of the fall weather and food just around the corner!


Recipes of the Week

Veggie Croquettes. This recipe was originally submitted by Angie, one of our past CSA members who occasionally sent recipes my way. I’m re-posting it because I’ve come to rather like veggie croquettes and you ought to know about them! I’ve grated beets to add in as well. The gold beets don’t affect the color as drastically as the red ones.

1 eggplant
1 round zucchini and 1 yellow squash
1/4 large onion and 1 clove garlic
1 carrot
Dash dried oregano & pepper
2 eggs (beaten)
¼ c dried Parmesan cheese and 1 c shredded mozzarella
½ c bacon bits (Angie adds because she always has them around)

**Peel eggplant, cut into cubes and sprinkle with salt.  Microwave 2 min. Toss, microwave another 2 min.  You need to be able to mash it…may need one more 2 min. zap.

**Grate zucchini & squash.  Place in cheesecloth or paper towel and wring as much moisture out as possible. Place in bowl with eggplant.

**Grate onion. Add minced garlic, shredded carrot, cheese, bacon, salt pepper, oregano and eggs and mix well.

**Heat butter or oil in large skillet. Scoop ½ c mounds into hot fat and flatten.  Cook until brown and flip.

Note from Angie: I just went through our veggies adding stuff.  The original recipe that I used as inspiration added bread crumbs.
Note from Lisa: I have also added quinoa. Either of these would help them stick together better.

chard-rollChard Hazelnut Roulade. Wondering what else to do with chard? Here’s a delicious way to make a main dish meal out of it… The recipe is posted here.


Newberg Bakery Bread of the Week: French Loaf


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