When the Weather Makes You Wait…


The forecast promised sun, and temps in the low 50s… great for making progress in the gardens.  But alas, the cloud cover stayed, keeping the temps in the 30s.  Mark came home early anyway, to start digging ditches to move irrigation pipes in accordance with our new farm plan.  This is the New new plan, the five-year-plan, which we hope to be the last of any significant re-designing of the garden spaces for a good long while.  At least five years anyway.

This morning Auden, my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter came over to spend a couple of hours with me.   After our hot chocolate/mocha date at the table (using pink and white gingham placemats with flowers and ducks on them; they once belonged to my Granny), we dressed for cold and headed into the forest.   One benefit of frosty cold is spider webs look amazing.  Auden discovered the mystery of frost-coated gossamer today.  She gingerly touched a strand, and saw how it bounced back.  And then she more aggressively touched it, and saw that it broke.  We walked down to the cistern to greet Marco and Polo, the two goldfish living there, and then crossed the slightly icy footbridge to the gazebo, where she walked along the benches touching (and mostly breaking) every spider web she found. She wondered where the spiders were, and I did, too.  We figure they (or their offspring) are hibernating until a warming trend makes life for them more tolerable. We listened to the creek, and at some point decided our noses and finger tips were cold enough to come back inside.

I’m learning that when the weather makes me wait, its an opportunity to pay attention to something else altogether.


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