Fern Creek CSA–Week Two

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Sunday, June 7th 6:30-8:00

RSVP this week in the Market if you haven’t already. (Maybe even if you have!)

To Bring: bowls, cups, spoons, blankets or chairs, and a topping for ice-cream, or something that can fit in a bowl and be eaten with fingers or a spoon. We’ll supply ice cream, ice water, and maybe some tractor rides with Farmer Mark…


Mark and I spent all day Saturday prepping beds and planting the summer and winter squash and the pumpkins and gourds. Besides the more standard yellow Butterstick and green Dunju zucchini, we’ve again planted the wonderful heirloom summer squash appropriately called Tromboncini. We added a couple more kinds of winter squash, too, like Red Kuri Winter Squash, planted alongside a Fern Creek favorite: Black Futzu pumpkin. Except for the succession planting of corn, carrots, beets, and greens, our planting is nearing completion. Week by week you’ll see a transformation in the fields. Feel free to take time to look around and see what’s growing.

On another note, at our Ice Cream Social you’ll have a chance to meet Lisby and Jon, but meanwhile, here’s their introduction of each other:

jonMeet Jonathan Curtis Gemeroy. Jon loves starting the morning with a nice breakfast of potatoes O’Brien, eggs, over-easy, a few, slightly crispy pieces of bacon and a stack of sufficiently buttered toast with some homemade berry jam. Jon’s contagious laugh can be heard drifting across the farm most mornings as he works. He most enjoys planting and harvesting because watching a seedling grow into a plant that is able to nourish a family of full grown humans is just incredible. He does the BEST impressions and accents, can sketch just about anything, and will talk for hours with anyone excited about Dr. Who. Jon loves comic books, movies made from comic books, and other people who like to talk about comic books. In his spare time, he can be seen on stage in Portland as the lead vocalist in a hardcore metal band. Jon gives fully, laughs heartily and cherishes seriously.

lisbyMeet Elizabeth Curtis Gemeroy. Elizabeth’s love for people and the earth is unmatched, except possibly by her love for tea and toast. She is a hard worker who splits her time between making coffee at Chapters, pursuing a Community Development degree at Portland State University and interning with the Oregon Nurses Association. One of her favorite tasks on the farm is working with the bees, a life-long dream that has just recently come to fruition. Elizabeth can often be found with her nose in a book, from theology to philosophy, fantasy to non-fiction, she will be reading it. She is a Harry Potter enthusiast and most resembles the character of Hermione Granger, minus the big teeth. She loves being outside: hiking, biking, camping or climbing, she will be happy just being surrounded by the beauty that is creation. Elizabeth loves strongly, thinks deeply and plays competitively.



Jenny’s Nutrition Corner

All About Broccolibroccoli

One of the items you will see this week (and hopefully many weeks)  in the market is broccoli. Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous, or cabbage, family. Its name literally means “branch” or “arm” and is a reflection of its treelike shape. It is low in calories and very nutrient dense – meaning you get a lot of nutrients for very few calories and it leaves you feeling full. Broccoli is especially rich in vitamins C, K and A, as well as fiber and folic acid. Vitamins A and K are needed in the absorption and metabolism of vitamin D, so for us living in the Pacific Northwest, broccoli is a wonderful addition to our diets. It has also been seen to help with the body’s detoxifying system and has cholesterol lowering benefits.

Broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked. Cooking methods include sautéing, steaming, roasting and blanching. If you choose to steam it, save the steaming water to drink for additional vitamins and nutrients, which are lost into the water during the steaming process. Here is a link to the various cooking methods mentioned above. It’s from on of my favorite websites, The Kitchn, which is a wonderful resource for food and cooking. Enjoy!


Anticipated in the Market


Pirate Butter Lettuce
Lovelock Lettuce
Snow and Snap Peas
Benton Strawberries
Broccoli heads & stems
Kale (Red Ursa, Dinosaur & Meadowlark)
Bunching Onions
Leek Scapes
Icicle & Cherry Radish
Mint, Dill, & Oregano
(Tomato plant and book for those picking up for the 1st time this week)

Mesclun Mix


Recipe of the Week: Braising Greens

Since you will be getting lots of kale (most of you wanted more kale…) we’ll post some of our favorite ways to use it in the weeks to come. Braising Greens is my go-to, especially when I have a lot of greens gathering in my refrigerator! Here’s my (Lisa’s) recipe.braised


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