Tea for Two



Today I invited my granddaughter, Auden, to come bake Raspberry Zucchini bread with me, and to have a tea party.  She said, “yes!” (or at least her Mama did!). So after her nap, I went and brought her to Fern Creek.  Here are my “Grammy’s Tips” for a baking/tea party date with a two-year-old:

For the Baking:

1) Have an apron for her to wear so she feels official (it could just be one of yours)
2) Have the tedious stuff prepped ahead of time.  I had grated the zucchini, combined the dry ingredients, and had a bunch of little bowls of things ready for Auden to add to the big bowl.
3) Outline the plan of events on the way home in the car: “First we will put the zucchini bread in the oven, and then we will have our tea party.”
4) Have real things for your two-year-old to do.  Auden stood on a chair so she could pour ingredients, help me stir, and help me dump the dough into the prepared loaf pans.
5) Always be aware of safety–especially when it comes to hot ovens, beaters, and sharp kitchen tools.

And for the Tea Party:

1) Make the tea party festive.  My sister, Pamela, helps me out.  She made the quilted placemats for me when my daughters were young.  They are getting more use now that I have granddaughters to have over for tea (which is actually hot chocolate), something I’ve done half a dozen or so times with both Auden and Junie.
2) Give some choices–but just a couple:  “Do you want to use the blue cup, the yellow cup, or the orange cup?”  “Do you want hot chocolate, or cold chocolate?” “Do you want to sit inside or outside?”
3) Attempt real conversation.  Out of our conversation Auden told me she wants me to teach her how to make green and yellow beans in jars someday (she saw the ones lined up on our kitchen cabinets).  This request delighted me to no end!
4) Keep expectations low, be prepared for spills and messes, and be flexible!


We had a delightful 1 1/2 hours.  I do not take this time with Auden for granted.  Any or all of my daughters may move out of the area, so I’m taking advantage of time I have near them.  While the bread baked Auden and I gathered eggs, sat and sang songs in the hammock swing and played hide-and-seek, which Auden doesn’t understand yet, but wants to play anyway.  On the way home we made up a song.  It has two verses, which don’t rhyme, but works out okay.

Auden is my granddaughter
Who comes to bake bread with me
When the loaves are in the oven
We have tea for two

Grammy is my grandma
I go and bake bread with her
When the loaves are in the oven
We have tea for two


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