Fern Creek’s Children



Emma comes to Fern Creek every Saturday with her Dad, and often her Mom.  Emma and I exchange big smiles when we greet each other. She is barely two and comes to Fern Creek with an agenda: to pet Pollifax, eat berries out of her crate (and other crates if she can get away with it), and visit the chickens.  Today Emma and I walked down to the lower hen house while Jeremy put their crate in the car, and I took delight at how easily she took my hand.

I love the 14 or so children who consider Fern Creek their farm!  Their delight with this place reminds me why we choose to do this good work.

September is coming–a month that inclines me to think about children. We send them to school to learn to read and write, and something about history and science and culture as they explore this big wonderful world. I think of all that learning as the yellow school bus full of children chugs past me on morning walks up Williamson Road.  And I think of all the education that happens at home–in kitchens, backyards, living rooms.  What a gift and a responsibility to educate our children!  At least fourteen are getting an extra bit of education this summer that includes visiting a farm and connecting with hens that give them eggs, observing the bees hives that produced our honey, land that yields food, and farmers that bring it all together.  Lessons worth learning.

Speaking of food, you’d think on CSA days I’d be too tired from the morning harvest and crate assembling to cook and bake.  But I often spend the pickup time between 2-5 working with produce in my kitchen. Today I chopped and braised beet greens and kale (with a bit of bacon, jalapeño pepper and garlic), boiled beets and potatoes, mashed steamed cauliflower, and peeled peaches.


Working in the kitchen allows me to keep an eye on the driveway to see when members come by to get their crates, while dealing with the abundance that spills into my kitchen.  So tonight we ate Cauliflower Pie, sliced beets drizzled a bit with a balsamic vinegarette, braised greens, corn on the cob, and Peach Cobbler.  A most satisfying meal to end a very satisfying day.


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