Labor Day Family Reunion



Our family gathered over Labor Day.  My sister, Kathy, and neice, Mercy, stayed with us–giving us a rare chance to spend some good time together. 


My mother, three siblings (and most spouses), and an assortment of our children and grandchildren hung out together over a 4 1/2 day weekend that started with a mother/daughter wine tasting trip to Stollers and ended with breakfast at Fern Creek this morning.  We visited cousins on my father’s side in Salem, had two gatherings in Forest Grove at the family home on Main Street and spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Fern Creek where children fed (overfed!) the chickens, trapsed through the woods, played with clay, and watched a fire burn to embers in the gazebo.  

For the final breakfast this morning I made Peach Raspberry Kuchen in honor of my mother and our German heritage. IMG_4823

So all in all we ate well, talked a LOT, laughed, dreamed about some possibilities, remembered our differences and similarities, and treasured the bonds of family that stretches across years and miles, and stretch greater still as a new generation branches out from each of our nuclear families.

 I’m inspired to live faithfully and with integrity–in ways that honor and respect those who paved the way before me, and to forge a better world for those coming behind me.. 

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