1st Fern Creek Farm CSA Potluck Picnic


This year we wanted our CSA family to have a chance to meet each other, and to share good food since that’s what connects us all to Fern Creek.  And what better evening than a 75 degree Sunday in September!  A third of our families came to this first event, where many met each other (and Amy, our intern) for the first time, picked out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and gourds from a collection I had gathered in the lawn to take home. I asked Luke if he minded my reading the essay from Dirt and the Good Life called, “The Children’s Farm” and he didn’t (he is the featured child in it), so a reading was part of our evening as well.

Our members brought great food, and I suspect a number of the tomatoes, onions, corn, beets, carrots and cabbage came from Fern Creek.  We had apple pie and an apple cobbler, a blackberry cornmeal cake and homemade ice cream. Seth and Samuel made “ice cream soup” of their ice cream, and their mother and I told them we’d done the same as children. I think this surprised them.  So much changes over the generations, yet so much more stays the same.  It is what stays the same that I find most grounding, most comforting. picnic-boys

Perhaps that’s what draws me to farming.  We move through seasons that stay essentially unchanged–sure a bit wetter or colder, or more dry and hot than last year, but our annua cycle is unchanging.  We plan the garden, plant, tend, harvest, preserve (and feast and celebrate), rest, and then begin again.  Mark’s simple word of thanks came from a saying we found on a cheesy sign at the coast some years ago. We found it too cheesy to purchase, but the words have become some we express often, especially at mealtime.  “Thank you God, for this good life.  Forgive us when we do not love it enough.”

Honestly I was nervous about pulling together a group of people who didn’t know each other and were only connected through our CSA.  I wondered if anyone would come.  I couldn’t let Mark know, because he was already pretty sure that even those who did come wouldn’t actually  want to be there. (Have I mentioned that we are introverts??).  But we had a great evening, and maybe everyone, or nearly so, came up at some point and thanked us for encouraging this kind of gathering, where members could meet each other.

I imagine this will become yet another of our annual traditions…gourd-display


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