Things To Love About Cold Days and Dark Nights

In Oregon we’ve been in an unusual cold snap–punctuating the coming Winter. Yes, I know, it is nothing like midwest cold. Our nose hairs do not freeze when we step outside, nor can we toss water into the air and watch it freeze mid-flight on its way down. But still, we haven’t been above freezing for many days, which is highly unusual for my mild, temperate home.

So I listed a few things a farmer loves about cold days and dark nights. Once I start listing, I find much to love.

#1 Frosted Beauty Everywhereberries

#2 Hope that spider eggs (and other beneficial insects) will survive our fluctuating winter weather, but that some of the garden pests dependent on a milder winter may not.

Webs in the porch of the chicken house.

Webs in the porch of the chicken house.

#2 Clean Fingernailshand

#3 The Opportunity to Sleep More with Longer Nights

The snow storm of 2008... we remember it still.

The snow storm of 2008… we remember it still.

#4 Attending to Adventnativity

#5 Baking Christmas Cookies with Friends and Family

Baking with Juniper

Baking with Juniper

#6 More Time to rest, read, to finally watch Downton Abbey, to be with friends, daughters, granddaughters, to bake, to wander the woods and take pictures.fence


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