Market Day



This week wraps up the regular Fern Creek Farm CSA season.  We celebrate by setting up a market, and invite our subscribers to take their regular share plus a few more of the storage vegetables (winter squashes, onions, beets, and “grade B” potatoes) than usual.

Henry and Charlie told Pollifax they wouldn’t see him for eight months.  They said goodbye to me, too, but I know they’ll miss Pollifax more, and the woods, and perhaps even the chickens.  Henry, Charlie, Luke and Jack took one more tromp through the woods with their mothers and discovered some blackberry bushes still producing edible berries.

10 of our members will continue on for a while, half of them coming every other week so I’ll still have reason to harvest what’s still in the field and put five crates a week together another 6 weeks.  Easing out of these harvesting/distrubuting tasks is better for my soul than a sudden ending anyway, which is partly why we decided to extend the season to a few folks.

The hens are slowing down their egg production too, just in time for us to scale back families who pick up eggs.  Their bodies note the shorter days and cooler nights and have started their reproductive fall and winter rest.  Most of them don’t stop altogether though, so we’ll likely get enough eggs through the winter to supply those who have come to count on fresh farm eggs year around, and if not, that’s fine too.

I’m wrapping up my preservation tasks as well.  Today I put up 9 more quarts of  tomato sauce and 3 pints of the tomato juice I drained out of the tomatoes before I cooked them up. I’m still harvesting dried beans and pulling them off the vines; some for us, and some for our Preservation Shareholders, who will get soy and black beans, or soy and calico beans to eat throughout the winter.

A good season, ending well, and with enough tasks and activities left to entice me outside for some time yet.


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