A Black Butte Respite


NOTE: All the great photos for this post came from Mark’s phone, and now that I’ve switched over my blog, I lost them… So this one comes with words alone…!

Now that our Saturday CSA pick-ups are done (we continue to have Wednesday pick-ups until mid-November), Mark and I headed to Black Butte for a three-day weekend.  We started each morning with a five-mile walk through the ranch that wandered by an aspen grove, birch groves, lakes and across the meadow where the cows and horses enjoyed the crisp, sunny day.  After our walk we headed into the Sisters Coffee Company, where Mark stayed and programmed, while I wandered into art galleries and shops.  We soaked in a hot tub, made dinner, and then watched a 1986 French film about a rural farming community that one of Mark’s colleagues thought we’d enjoy.  I enjoyed the story so much that ordered a copy of the 1962 novel.  It’s a pair of stories called, Jean de Florette and Manon of the Springs.

We left for home Monday with snow on the ground.  So it appears that we arrived in fall and left in winter…  The drive both ways provided us with much beauty.  Mark drives when we go to Black Butte, because he handles beauty out a car window better than I do!

We returned renewed and refreshed and already making plans for next year’s CSA.  Unfortunately on Tuesday I woke up with a flu bug that Mark had by Wednesday, and we are still in recovery mode.  My Dad always looked for silver linings in such things, and I suppose if there is one, it’s that our time to cozy up by a fire and nap a lot got extended a few days! I’m better than Mark today, so I put away the herbs I’ve had drying on my counter.


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