Welcome to Preserving Life at Fern Creek Farm!

Fern-Creek-in-SeptemberWelcome to the new home for Preserving Life, where I write about our small farm, family, community and faith as it gets lived out at Fern Creek, our farm nestled into the Red Hills of Yamhill county in Oregon.   This blog is for any and all of the following types of readers:

1)   The rural life has some draw for you, even if you are content (or mostly content) in your urban one.  You find chickens and bees kinda interesting in a nostalgic or simply curious way, whether or not you think you’ll ever try your hand at raising them.   Welcome!  I hope you enjoy the stories and pictures and leave inspired to love life.

2)   You yearn for a homesteader kind of life—and hope to get on “land” someday, but meanwhile want to practice at preserving life where you live.  And let me just say right up front, anyone with some cabbage and a big pickle jar can make sauerkraut!  Or anyone with a window sill can grow and dry some herbs.  Welcome!  I hope you pick up some new skills and put them to use, and find joy in discovering the truth that preserving life can happen anywhere.

3)   You are interested in learning more about what gets called, “the simple life,” especially when it doesn’t seem particularly simple to grow your own vegetables rather than to buy them!  But you want an honest, hopeful, and thoughtful appraisal about issues surrounding the ethics of eating, as well as personal, community, and global health.  I’ve done a fair bit of writing on the subject, and will mix personal stories, informative and thoughtful essays, good wholesome recipes, and You-Too-Can-Farm/Keep Chickens/Render Beeswax guides.


4) you belong to our CSA,  or know me from some other context, or discovered me in my prior blog and followed me here.

To all of you, Welcome.  And thank you for joining me.



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