Pumpking Carving Extravaganza Take II

 jackolanternWe were a couple days late, but we held our family pumpkin carving event on November 3rd, scheduling it when everybody (except Mark) could be there. We figure 2-year-old Auden and Juniper and 9-month-old Eden will just think of Halloween as a season, rather than a day, kinda like Christmas.  The stores treat it that way already.  Not that I think that’s a good thing, mind you, but it works well enough when we can’t get the pumpkins carved before Halloween!

Each family selected a pumpkin from those we still had clustered in the courtyard and by benches around the house, figured out their design, and went at it.  Auden and Juniper did a lot of chasing each other and screaming, adding a Halloween ambiance of chaotic happiness.  Meanwhile, Eden sat more quietly in the highchair offering her Mama and Papa encouragement.  We drank caramel apple cider, and after carving ate vegetarian chili with butternut squash, rye bread from Tulip Bakery in St. John’s, and pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and raw carrot cake bites–both recipes from Sarah’s blog, The Sweet Life. (The caramel sauce came from there too–her recipes inspire me a lot!)

Traditions mark seasons, helping me note the comings and goings brought on by time–and specifically by fall, winter, spring and summer. I note where we were last time we meet in this way; how old the babies were (Eden wasn’t yet among us), what we were doing job-wise, and school-wise (nearly all of us are doing something different this fall than we were two years ago when we last (and first) managed a Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza).

Besides, traditions remind me how thankful I am for simple pleasures, for life, and for family.


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