Giving Thanks: Market Day II


We wrapped up the 2012 Extended Season just in time for Thanksgiving. Members went home with beets, parsnips, pototoes, onions, Brussels sprouts, kale, an assortment of pumpkins and winter squash, cabbage, peppers, leeks, herbs… I like imagining Fern Creek food in a number of Thanksgiving feasts this week!

I have much to be thankful for as we head toward Thanksgiving.  A husband who supported my transition out of teaching so I could spend more time farming and, now that the farming season is over, writing (neither of which replace my income!).  Daughters who live nearby and enjoy my company well enough to accept invitations to visit pumpkin patches, flour grinding/bread-making factories, go on Winter Get-Aways, and attend my  Pumpkin Carving Extravaganzas!  For granddaughters who love coming to Fern Creek and visiting Marco and Polo (the fish in our cistern), the hens, and me. Too many people have families characterized more by pain than joy, so I do not take the joy mine brings for granted.

Our CSA members are on my list for thanks as well; people who trusted us to grow good, healthy food and supply them with eggs–all done in ways that enrich the soil rather than deplete it, and give hens a “happy” life, which in turn supplies us with amazing eggs!  I love that most CSA members returned this year, and that we were able to welcome a few new ones as we expanded a bit. We expect the same to be true next year.

And maybe it’ll sound woo-woo, but I am thankful for the dirt at Fern Creek, for worms, hens, and pollinating insects (but NOT cucumber beetles, aphids, or slugs–who wanted very much to claim a chunk of Fern Creek food for their own this season!).  Rain, and free mulch from falling leaves and chicken poop-saturated straw bedding are also on my list of things for which I’m thankful, which sounds more trivial than it is. I’m thankful for a creation that sustains and renews itself with just a little bit of help, so that we, and all creatures, can eat year after year after year.

Behind all that is God–who gives life and sustains it. So my thankfulness to God is at the core of all I’m thankful for.  God, who gave us the capacity to learn and allows us to make mistakes (huge, cultural mistakes and little personal ones), and to figure out how to recover or fix our mistakes. I’m thinking of food-related mistakes at the moment, like those made by agribusiness in tandem with an economic system dependent on unsustainable growth, but the applications are far and wide–and both personal and public. What makes me particularly thankful is that God, all the while, faithfully loves this Creation, and gently and persistently redeems that which is broken, mostly using ordinary people like you and me.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be warm and filled. And thankful.


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