Making Holiday Chocolates… & New Traditions


candiesSarah came out with Eden today, and we spent the day making chocolate candies.  Hers will be available for sale sometime in the next couple of weeks (check out her blog, The Sweet Life).  Mine will mostly be consumed more locally… Very Locally!  Sarah sent me two filling recipes to prepare ahead of time, which I’ll be adding to Farm Home Cooking, and she came with two additional fillings.  So we made Peppermint Patties, Peanut Butter Cups, Salted Caramels, Orange Truffes, and Turtle candies.  I thought we showed restraint because we only tasted one of each variety, but I did a fair bit of licking chocolate from spoons along the way.  We nibbled on apple slices for lunch, not being hungry for much else–especially since we sipped mochas while melting, filling, and otherwise making our chocolates.


Eden, my 10-month-old granddaughter, occupied herself extraordinarily well.  Sometimes she observed from the highchair, nibbling on Puffs (a vegan-like Cheerio) cereal or an apple slice.  More often she played around our feet, pulling cookbooks off the shelf, opening kitchen drawers, or playing with blocks and balls. I’m hoping that, for as long as Sarah, Jason and Eden live in Portland, we might make this yet another annual tradition….

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