Summer Solstice

june-flowersToday is the first official day of summer. Since the Sun reached its northernmost point in the sky during the night, for those of us living in the north, yesterday and today are equally the longest days of the year.  We’re noting this event tonight. The Fern Creek Literary Society (the name is my fault) meets tonight to talk about The Silver Lining Playbook. Afterwards we all plan to go down to the gazebo, light a fire, and roast some more of the marshmallows Hannah and I made last week for our weekly dinner with our interns.

I like to pay extra attention to life on the Summer Solstice. To note the home making of birds, deer, and even the snakes nesting in the compost bin. It helps me to remember how small and short-of-time I am in the big scheme of things, which is a good corrective to thinking life is mostly about me.

So rather than labor over words I will go wander the woods. Sit and listen to birds from the Giraffe Tree, and  to the creek from the bench in the Alcove, rendering praise to God, who created and sustains life season after season after season.



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