List #2: Why hosting an Ice Cream Social is a good idea even for introverts

ICsocialMark and I are introverts, which surprises some people because we host events just like extroverts would, can talk in front of groups of people, and can schmooze pretty well in a crowd. But we wouldn’t go to an Ice Cream Social sponsored by our CSA! We have a hard enough time going to our own church picnics! So projecting our introverted thoughts onto others, Mark was pretty sure no one would want to come to a Fern Creek CSA Ice Cream Social. We only decided to send out invitations because last year a member recommended we host an event early in the season in addition to the potluck at the end. They thought it would make people feel more connected to each other. So when our half-hearted invitation went out Mark felt pretty confident we’d get to cancel because no one would would want to come.

Over 40 people RSVP’d.

Below are a few photos, and a list of reasons why hosting an Ice Cream Social will likely become an annual event at Fern Creek Farm.

#1: Everyone (especially the kids) finally have lots of  time to romp and stomp through the woods, climb the Giraffe Tree, sit in the gazebo, and visit Marco and Polo, the goldfish who live in the cistern by the creek.icsocial1

#2: People get to meet our interns and each other, see faces they know and faces they don’t know, and all the while gain a sense that they belong to something bigger than they knew.

#3: The three boys whose names are Noah had a chance to meet, as did the parents of the two infants (about 2 and 3 months old) whose names are Forrest.brian

#4: We get to eat Really Good homemade ice cream. And add an assortment of healthy and decadent toppings, like fair trade chocolate chips (thank you Nancy–for donating the jar you just purchased!), strawberry sauce, coconut flakes, chocolate fudge and whipping cream.

#5: We all get to see  how varied we are in age, stage of life, walk of life. Our youngest two members will be born  born in July, our oldest member is in his 80s. We have people who work with technology and people who work with people. We have students and teachers, people who sell things, make things and fix things. We have wrestlers and runners, hunters and vegans.icsocial3

#6: It fosters the “Community” part of Community Supported Agriculture. Pretty well, actually.



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