Snow… Falls Gently… and God is.


Our first snow came today.  At least the first that stuck to the ground. The hens explored the effect of snow-on-dirt after peering out from their hen house door.  I imagine those hens who stood behind whomever blocked the door eventually pushed her out so they toppled together in the cold white fluff.

Snow felt appropriate today, after a hard week of news for our town, our state, and our nation.  Pet store fires, a mall and school shooting; sadness upon sadness that left us with questions, fears, and wondering how we could celebrate Christmas joyfully.  Too soon conversation moved toward what should be done, with gun control emerging (again) as a focal point for a violent nation that has never really known anything else.

Snow falls gently.  A reminder that God nurtures the Earth even when the air grows so cold the wet turns to flakes as it falls from the sky.  Snow blankets the Earth, insulating the soil against winter’s bitter cold, a covering of sorts, however inadequate it may look from the outside. The wonder of rain turning to snow reminds me that God stays present in our sometimes sorrowing, grief-filled lives, even when we can’t tell God is there.

My Mary Oliver “I-can’t-believe-I-never-knew-you” phase is still fresh, and Allison continues to send me tidbits to keep my fascination and love affair with her poetry growing.  This one, from Oliver’s book, Red Bird is generalizable to all our woundings and muddling and speaks simply to times such as these. 


Watching a Documentary About Polar Bears
Trying To Survive On the Melting Ice Floes

That God had a plan, I do not doubt,
But what if His plan was, that we would do better?


In this aftermath, may we seek wisdom to do better.  To love better.  To protect all that God loves, better.


Snow falls gently–and invites us into the possibility for joy, to come out and play in the wonder and beauty of snow falling on winter’s long nights. Crumbs of sustenance, as Macrina Wiederkehr says in A Tree Full of Angels.


In the hungry, dark, cold night, God is.


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