A Winter Solstice Gazebo Supper


Today is the first day of winter; tonight is the longest of the year. Tomorrow we turn toward the light–toward ever lengthening days.

I am giddy at the thought.

Come Winter!  Bring the light!

Mark and I often host Winter Solstice gatherings to take note of this turning point in Earth’s annual trek around the Sun, but this year we opted for a quieter celebration.  I harvested carrots, beets and Brussels sprouts from the winter garden this morning and cooked most of that into a Turkey and Fall Vegetable Stew,  which simmered away this afternoon.  I recommend you try it–and if you don’t have Brussels sprouts, substitute just about anything green and leafy and cabbage-y.  But the Brussels sprouts certainly added a remarkable texture and taste!

Mark headed down to the gazebo five minutes ahead of me to start the fire. When I stepped into the dark I could see the light and hear the sparks some 75 yards or so away.  A little bit of light can indeed dispell a fair bit of darkness.  Still, I used my flashlight to light the way and walked down bearing supper in the same basket we used six months ago for a celebration noting the Summer Solstice. We sat for a while, and talked about the irrisistible draw of the Light on this longest of nights, and the warmth emanating from it, a warmth and Light that shines in each of us, because we all carry an imprint of God.

The creek sang–its cadence created by water splashing over rocks and logs, rushing-tumbling downstream as it does this time of year. We inhaled the dampness of a forest replenishing itself, kept the embers of our fire burning by nudging logs with our boot-clad feet, and let our talk turn toward plans for next year’s CSA and our hopes for our farm interns.  Our talk emerges out of an expectation that light will increasingly come day after day, and that the Light will keep us centered and on track as we make our way around the Sun once again.

Thank you, God, thank you Jesus, for coming into a world that has always needed your Light and love.





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