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Tamanawas Falls, Hood River

Fern Creek CSA–Week 22

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[Speaking of air, food, water]… We humans don’t live long unless the world goes in and out on a regular–momentary, daily–basis. –Peter J. Leithart in Traces of the Trinity And so we arrive at to end of a bountiful season, where a lot of food (and greetings and conversation besides), went in and out of our lives. Thank you for joining us, for partnering with […]

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Chanterelle mushrooms

Fern Creek Newsletter–Week 21

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Today Karl Birky took me hunting for chanterelle mushrooms. I felt like a child on an adventure, hunting golden treasures in a forest mostly known to non-people critters.  I’ve dreamed such places still existed, and perhaps if I hunted elk, or deer I would have discovered them before now. When I asked Karl what he likes about hunting mushrooms he said something […]

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That Warty Thing & Cinderella Pumpkins

Fern Creek Newsletter–Week 20

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I find the arrival of fall enchantingly inviting. Pumpkins and gourds get featured on our porches and tables inside (some real and some not). Candles come out of the cupboard, and tastes and smells associated with pumpkin, winter squashes, and apples start wafting through the house. Eden is spending the night tonight. She’s enchanted with fall pumpkins and gourds, too. We took our […]

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